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EggRollDiva - How it all started

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EggRollDiva was created from my mother's recipe in 1988 when I was 10 years old. My mother tried to be creative with cuisine, teaching us to have a balanced and sophisticated palate.  She was naturally skilled in culinary arts, created the original “ground turkey egg roll” recipe and it was a hit. Her dream was to open a restaurant to share her passion with the world.


As her eldest daughter, and carrier of her legacy, I created EggRollDiva. Cooking is in my DNA and it has brought me tremendous joy to cook for my family and enjoy seeing the joy my egg rolls bring.

People had been telling my family for years to sell these egg rolls. A friend told me that I was the "EggRollDiva" and I said yes, you're right and decided to take a chance and make it happen.


With the support of friends and family, I started my small business shortly before the Pandemic.  I started with taking egg roll orders and catering local events and the business flourished during the pandemic. It makes me so proud to see how it has grown and I’m also the owner of a food trailer, a branded tent, and the desire to continue to expand my small, minority, woman-owned business.

In May 2022, I quit my full-time job in Corporate America to run “EggRollDiva” full-time. I haven’t looked back since!

I’ve been told by customers that these are the best egg rolls that they’ve ever had!

Enjoy and follow me on social media!

Facebook: EggRollDiva

Instagram: EggRollDiva

TikTok: EggRollDiva  

YouTube: EggRollDiva


Thanks for Supporting my Small Business!

Tel: 248.579.5795

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